Complete Information on Metron Fire Pump Controllers

We know that fire pumps are the backbone of every residential or commercial fire protection system, but their successful operation relies on the quality of fire pump controllers used

That’s where the wide range of advanced and compact UL-approved Metron fire pump controllers comes into the picture!

Witnessing the benefits of Metron controllers firsthand, it is not surprising to know that they are a part of many fire protection projects in our state

Clearly taking its unparalleled dedication to safety, quality, and reliability! Besides, you have a wide range of Metron fire pump controllers to choose from as per the application

In this guide, we will walk you through Metron’s futuristic diesel and electric fire pump controllers, their functions, and applications. It will help you pick out the best ones to strengthen and match your fire-resistant system

However, whenever a fire pump is called to start in an emergency, you need a controller that functions without fail. So, it is crucial to understand the basics first. Let us explore!


Understanding Basics of Fire Pump Controllers

As the name suggests, a fire pump controller is a device that starts and stops a fire pump, along with monitoring the conditions that may hinder its operation

It comes in the form of a control panel consisting of circuit breakers, relays, switches, and various other electrical components for the successful operation of a fire pump

You must be aware of the way any motor controller operates. Well, a fire pump controller is no different, except there are more strict standards that go into its manufacturing

We have certification authorities in place, like FM (Factory Mutual), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and others to approve and list the reliable ones

Luckily, a number of manufacturers are there to offer superior quality and make our jobs easier.

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What Makes Metron Fire Pump Controllers Stand Apart?

The USPs which set Metron Fire Pump Controllers apart are

Hence, Metron fire pump controllers are the ones to rely on!

A Detailed Guide to Metron Diesel Fire Pump Controllers

The Metron diesel fire pump controllers incorporate useful features and robust technology backed by years of experience. The Metron Model FD4 controller meets NFPA 20 and UL 218 standards for diesel engine fire pump controllers

Some of the crucial features include NEMA Type 3R/4/12 drip-proof metal wall mount enclosure and 10 amp microprocessor temperature compensated with an integral volt/amp digital display

There are integral LEDs for indication of AC power and Battery power. You can find a battery on/off button mounted on the inner panel and two crank push buttons on the outer door for an easy operation 

An operator interface device with a backlit LED is available for you to read in both sunlight and dark lighting conditions.

For easy navigation, horn silencing, and more functions, they have provided 12 pushbuttons

There are many more specifications for an effortless operation. You can find this controller available for either 12VDC or 24VDC operation.

Metron’s FD4 microprocessor diesel engine-driven fire pump controller
Metron’s FD5 microprocessor diesel engine-driven fire pump controller with a touchscreen display

FD5 Diesel Engine- Driven Fire Pump Controller

The series FD5 by Metron/Metron-Eledyne comes with a touchscreen Operator Interface Device (OlD). Also, there is a  backlit LCD to be read in both sunlight or dark light conditions, like FD4

Instead of a push button, here you get a color touch screen for smooth screen navigation and performing functions like system mode changes, alarm reset, or horn silencing

There is also a built-in annunciator for the purpose of alarm and mode indications in the form of text messages combined with event history data log 

Since this Metron diesel fire pump controller is compact and lightweight, it works great for commercial purposes. It meets the standards NFPA20, UL218, and FM 1321/1332 for diesel engine fire pump controllers.

Metron Electric Fire Pump Controller

Their dedication to quality is not confined to diesel variants; you get even more with Metron electric fire pump controllers

Metron MPT electric fire pump controllers are basically the latest microprocessor-based controllers. As the name suggests, they have been designed to operate with electric motor driver fire pumps

The controller triggers whenever there is a drop in pressure in the water mains or in the case of other demand signals. When this period is over, the motor can be stopped manually or electrically, depending on various scenarios

Fire pump controllers that come with integral automatic transfer switches are beneficial in bringing emergency power to the fire pump in the event of power loss

This arrangement would have taken a lot of space with traditional designs, but Metron solved it with its latest series of models having 32” wide dimensions.

Besides, the series provides various controller starting methods, so the limitation eliminates altogether

The starting methods included with this are MPT300 – Across-the-line starting, MPT420 – Part Winding, MPT430 – Wye-Delta Open Transition, MPT435 – Wye Delta Closed Transition, & more.

No wonder Metron is known for constantly enhancing the efficiency and technical proficiency of its electric fire pump controllers. You can find different models housing different arrangements and features to suit various applications and requirements.

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When it comes to protecting your family and valuables from an unforeseen incident like fire, you need a reliable system that is always ready to be called into action.

Metron fire pump controllers are the ones to offer both credibility and the highest level of safety

Now that you have explored a lot of fire pump controllers, which one are you planning to use?

Tell us in the comments and get more details to make an informed decision.


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